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2010-07-06 (Tuesday)


  1. Making a web page fit an iPhone screen

    I had problems making a web page fit and fill the iPhone screen width-wise in both Safari and when opened from the Home Screen.

  2. Cool down, little girl

    Some examples of little details that bring to live much larger issues.


  1. How to be a beer historian in just 10 books « Zythophile

    Reading lists about really specific fields of knowledge by people who know their stuff are good. (via Chris Heathcote)

  2. The art of noise refined - Times Online

    When I’m having to read about new musical genres (“hauntology”) in three-year-old ‘Sunday Times’ articles, something’s gone very, very wrong.

  3. Night | The New York Review of Books

    Tony Judt has been writing some wonderful memoirs in the NYRB over recent months. But you should start with this account of his increasingly paralysing motor neuron disorder.

  4. Growing Up Female | The New York Review of Books

    For the sometimes jaw-dropping examples of sexism from not so long ago.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Longshadow Southbank is particularly gorgeous.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Off to the BFI Southbank to see Rashomon (for the first time).

  • philgyford’s avatar

    "We'll ship to Hazzard County and that alleyway Top Cat used to live in."

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    Yay, @samuelpepys has just tipped over the 5,000 followers mark. Congratulations Mr. Pepys.

  • philgyford’s avatar and Wikipedia are great Bits And Pieces levellers. Otherwise I doubt I'd stand a chance against @mattsheret.

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    Chances of getting work done today diminishing... too busy puzzling over DJ @russelldavies' ongoing "spot the link" music quiz.