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2015-09-05 (Saturday)


  1. It is very nice

    I made an iTunes playlist of complete albums and EPs and found all their cover art.



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    @blimey85 I don't understand what that is. It doesn't explain anything.

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    I know the NFL is a less than entirely good thing, but I’m sad it looks like there’s no free-to-view games on UK telly this season.

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    You’re so good at what you do. Don’t let the world distract you with managing a company.

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    @engineeringdept monolab

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    5/9/74 Read the Pepys Diaries . . . found them inordinately dull. What a dreary little creature he must have been.

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    #GoodMorning #sanfrancisco! Looking good this #Saturday morning!. #YearInSpace