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2015-01-30 (Friday)


  1. Reading about dancing about architecture

    Trying to find music sites to read, and realising I don’t want to read any of them.



    Chrome extension and bookmarklet for annotating web pages.


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    @russelldavies I don't think I've seen this one!

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    I guess you just can’t have links etc in the text of Facebook status updates? Horrible closed-wallness. Grr.

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    I’m trying to get Pepys’ diary entries to post to Facebook (from RSS via IFTTT) but HTML is stripped. Anyone know if there’s a way round it?

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    @russelldavies You have my sympathies in this difficult time.

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    @russelldavies Surely Restoration Man or Location, Location, Location is though? Surely…

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    @blech Yeah. But if you get too obsessive about wanting attribution etc you end up trying to make Ted Nelson’s Xanadu.

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    @blech If I was that bothered I’d have put my name/domain on the image or something. It was only made to amuse my contacts.

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    @blech Although if you follow the links back you can work out it’s me. Anyway, never mind.

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    @designscold What does a fashionable wallet look like? Or is that the question?

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    A year 9 who I don’t know just called me “mate”.

    what is the world coming to

    Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom