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Friday 12 September 2003

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A common route through the world of journalism is, after training, to report on council meetings and school fetes for local papers while hoping for a break into, say, the national press. My sister’s taking a slightly unorthodox path, however… Having done the local reporting, she’s becoming news editor at the Falkland Islands Broadcasting Service.

Obviously, a slightly lengthy commute from north west London, so, knowing roughly what to expect, Sue’s heading south to the land of penguins and sheep and whatever else is down there. She spent a year in Estonia a while back, so I’ve no doubt she’ll cope fine with the extreme change of scene. Good luck!


Falkland Islands Broadcasting Service - is that a joke? She's a journalist who's going to spend the next year telling FIBS? (OK, probably a very old joke for them). Good luck to her and I hope she finds Lord Lucan.

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