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Tuesday 9 September 2003

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Wired: A Romance, Gary Wolf’s book about Wired magazine, came out in the US a while back (like a couple of other books, it’s been stuck in the “things people have bought for you” part of my Wish List for ages, but has never arrived). Despite sending Gary a list of all the Wired UK employees twice, hardly any seem to have made it into his roll call of Wired staffers. So, for perpetuity’s sake, here they are:

Wired UK Version 1
Alexis Harvey
Andrew Legg
Azeem Azhar
Beth Sandler
Bev Douglas
Camilla Nicholls
Carolyn McCall
Carolyn Roulstone
Craig Wilkie
Danny O’Brien
Dave Green
Dave Potts
David Brook
Debbie Fellner
Denis Cassidy
Duncan Pringle
Eugene Mosier
Ian Soffe
James Chambers
Jenny Silkstone
Jo Olner
John Browning
Julian Turner
Karen Tucker
Katie Thomas
Liz Citron
Lorrie Webster
Mark Henshall
Mark Lueck
Mark McDowall
Mark Porter
Mathew Clayton
Matt Saul
Matthew Gee
Michelle Long
Mick Cunningham
Mike Sleath
Ola Osomo
Paul Blake
Paul Naismith
Polly Cochrane
Rik Gadsby
Robert Leedham
Robin Hunt
Stella Beaumont
Stephen Angell
Stevan Keane
Suzy Hogg
Tara Herman
Thomas Schneider
Tony Ageh
Wired UK Version 2
Alexandra Donahue
Angela Kendall
Angus Keith
Anna Pastor
Anne Prendergast
Brie Wohler
Chantelle Barber
Claire-Louise Wilson
Craig Wilkie
Dave Green
David Gordon
Emma Foster
Emma Taylor
Fraser Grant
Griselda Billington
Hari Kunzru
Ian Soffe
James Flint
James Pickford
Julia Cullen
Juliet Brightmore
Julyan Bayes
Justin Woodhouse
Kate Mackenzie
Leah Klein
Liz Bailey
Marco Crisari
Marion Munro
Matthew Doull
Matthew Teeman
Michaela Goeske
Michelle Clements
Nic Hughes
Nicole Chiala
Oliver Morton
Phil Gyford
Philip O’Dwyer
Sara Howers
Sarah Morrison
Sean Geer
Seth Hawthorne
Stella Fairbairn
Tara Herman
Teresa Rayfield
Tom Loosemore

(Version 1 was the Guardian-partnered company, Version 2 began when that relationship went pear-shaped, sometime in 1995.)

I’ve tried to include all the people who were employed in the UK, rather than helping out from the San Francisco office, but sometimes lines get blurry. Do let me know of any omissions or mistakes. It’s all so long ago.


Hey Phil,

I just happen to be "Googling" my name, which brought me to your site. Wow - what a blast from the past to see a list of my old co-workers from WiredUK v.1. I was one of the only TRUE American staffers (I was not from WiredUS - I was working for the Guardian BEFORE Louis and Jane came pounding on the door). I came to London from Boulder, Colorado where I had met Tony Ageh and Alan Rusbridger who were visiting the Knight-Ridder Newspaper information design lab where I worked. I told them I was moving to the UK and wanted a job, and whatdya know - they offered me one at the Guardian working for Tony's special projects group. Then along came Wired, and I think Tony put me on that staff because I could use words like "email" and "browser" and "mozilla" in a sentence. Remember this was when the web was young and HotWired had just debuted. WiredUS thought they were leading a revolution of sorts, and that the UK market would gladly follow suit. Well, needless to say they were wrong. Twice.

So... what's your story with WiredUK v.2?

Debbie Slobe (formerly Fellner)
WiredUK v.1 alum

Posted by Debbie Slobe (Fellner) on 4 November 2003, 11:14 pm | Link

Me? I was living in Bristol, reading Wired and exploring the net in 1995, and saw an ad posted on Usenet by Matthew Doull, the publisher, saying Wired need staff. So I applied for whatever they had and flunked an interview for a design/production job; I didn't realise that's what the interview was for and didn't have a portfolio.

But they also needed a sys admin, not least to help set up the new office. My only experience of computer networks was my little Mac and a modem, but I think they were desperate and I was cheap! So after a second interview (with Matthew and Z), a frustrating wait, and a brief "interview" via email with Jim Petersen in SF, I got the job and moved to London within days.

In at the deep end...

Posted by Phil Gyford on 6 November 2003, 9:58 am | Link

Hi Phil - you have me listed as one of Wired's UK employees - I actually worked for The Guardian in the desktop systems department but was involved in setting up Wired. Hours spent messing with hubs and network cables, installing software etc. It always suprised me to see my name in the mag each month because I was about as low key and back room as you can imagine!
I've come a long way since then in both distance and position and I'm sure some of what I did for Wired has benefitted me along the way. I wonder what all the people on the list I remember are up to now?

Good luck,


Posted by Lorrie (Bennett) Webster on 11 December 2003, 3:28 pm | Link

I am wanting to find an old friend, Eugene Mosier, former UK wired employee, anyone know how to find him? Last I knew, he was in San Fran, 1998?

Posted by Kristin Ashton on 14 February 2004, 3:16 am | Link

Hello Phil..Well what a trip down memory lane. I worked on the wired.2 divorce and was largely involved in the set up of the 'new' wired uk... anyone know what happened to Matthew Doull? what a guy! Still in touch with Chantelle Barber (soon to be Robinson)! Now live in Amsterdam contracting for Investment banks..hmmm.. Hope all is well.

Posted by Julia Cullen on 24 March 2004, 11:11 am | Link

Ah, old acrimonies die hard. Just think of those poor Wired Japan staffers and how they didn't get included in Gary's list. Just think about the people who actually did help set up all the different Wireds and didn't get on the list (I just emailed him ... I could take it no more!)

Hope you're well ... Tara x

Posted by Tara Herman on 18 August 2004, 11:00 pm | Link

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