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Tuesday 9 September 2003

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After someone asked for a hand with getting their TypePad site up and running, I’ve been having my first real play with the system. The result is Gigantomachia, a categorised resource detailing the “primordial battle between different races of gods”. I can’t pretend to follow much of the content, as it reminds me of the single semester’s worth of philosophy classes I took which I, unfortunately, barely understood.

We wanted to use TypePad to make a site that wasn’t a weblog — there’s no chronological list of entries, only categories, and it seems to work OK. I still don’t fully understand TypePad’s templating system, which seems way too confusing, and there are one or two annoying things in the tool’s interface, but it did all turn out to be rather more flexible than I’d thought. Good stuff.


I have been experimenting with TypePad (Plus), too. And I must say it is the most user-friendly blog tool I have used until now, regarding changing the lay-out etcetera. (Nothing beats the Blogger textarea + 'post & publish' button for publishing usability)

By the way, although there is no link to it from the front page, the RDF file for Gigantomachia does exist:

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