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Saturday 20 September 2003

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Following a link from the Greater London Industrial Archeology Society site, I discovered Subterranea Britannica, which appears to be split into information about cold war bunkers, and then everything else. There’s a list of bunkers that each have a page of photos, floor plans and description, like Hackney WW2 ARP Control Centre & Post War Borough Control near me at Hackney Town Hall. Or this more rural 1950s bunker which is now a museum.

There’s some interesting non-cold war stuff too, although it doesn’t have that aura of nostalgic fear. I never knew there were catacombs in Camden, and there’s a history of the Gatwick Airport Passenger Subway (don’t miss the small link to page two at the bottom).

The only thing missing from both sections of “Sub Brit” is links to the locations on Streetmap or similar, so you can see exactly how close that decommissioned bunker is to home, should you ever need it…


Subterranea Britannica hold conferences every so often. Mackay went to one earlier this summer and said it was *just* worth going to. It attracts - you know, geeks, but just a different sort: )

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By the way, there's a great "disused underground station" site here:

There's also a lot of good links there too.

Posted by ted on 24 September 2003, 6:20 am | Link

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