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    Very good. And even only recognising a handful of the comic artists copied, it’s great just as an example of how many different ways you can draw a black-and-white comic. (via @yoz)

  2. Karma

    “Test Runner for JavaScript”. (via @yoz)

  3. Mocha

    “A feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on node.js and the browser”. (via @yoz)

  4. Alternatives to the Singularity - “Google Docs”

    “A collaborative presentation for/by grumpy futurists” (via @yoz)

  5. Home - ExtensionFM

    This is rather slick — a Google Chrome extension that makes a nice iTunes-style library of MP3s on web pages you visit. (via Yoz)

  6. Diagnose and Prevent AJAX Performance Issues - dynaTrace AJAX Edition

    Tool for “diagnosing and preventing AJAX performance issues”. Annoyingly on Windows, for Internet Explorer, but free and could be useful. (via Yoz)

  7. Video Monkey

    “A free video encoding application exclusively for Mac … it borrows heavily from the Visual Hub video conversion tool.” (via Yoz)

  8. SWFUpload jQuery Plugin : Adam Royle

    A nice jQuery way to implement the SWFUpload thingummy. (via Yoz)

  9. Piwik - Web analytics - Open source

    An open source, locally-installable alternative to Google Analytics. Looks rather good. (via Yoz)

  10. Home — genetify — GitHub

    For testing how different ways of doing things on your site are used by people. Sounds good. (via Yoz)

  11. Gumbaby

    Collecting comments left on vaguely-related websites by people thinking they’re contacting a famous person. I still occasionally get comments left by people talking to Jamie Oliver.

  12. Datejs - A JavaScript Date Library » About…

    I’m sure this will come in handy sometime. (via Yoz)

  13. GarageBuy Homepage

    Free Mac application for browsing eBay and buying stuff. Much nicer than the site itself. There’s also a pay-for app for selling stuff. (via Yoz)

  14. jQuery for JavaScript programmers

    What it says, by Simon Willison. For next time I delve into jQuery. (via Yoz and Blech)

  15. Disambiguity - » Ambient Intimacy

    Excellent stuff on following friends in Twitter, Flickr, etc. I must try and remember some of this for all those times I try and explain my online life to non-geek friends who look at me like I’m some weird stalking nerd. (via Yoz)

  16. Cool Running :: The Couch-to-5K Running Plan

    Just in case running becomes more appealing one day, now I’ve cancelled my gym membership. (via Yoz)

  17. Mind Hacks: Why email is addictive (and what to do about it)

    I’ve got this bad. I need to replace my Apple-M habit with Apple-Q. (via Yoz)

  18. SIMILE | Timeline | Documentation

    DHTML thing for creating nice scrollable timelines. (via Yoz)

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