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2006-07-01 (Saturday)


  1. Movable Type Beta Weblog - Converting from dirified title to basename

    Because I keep losing this article and need it occasionally.

  2. SIMILE | Timeline | Documentation

    DHTML thing for creating nice scrollable timelines. (via Yoz)

  3. Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music - Forums -> Viva Piano

    Handy for tips on buying pianos, for when my fingers get twitchy and I need to window shop again.

  4. My So-Called Life, Episode 19

    We finished watching the series this week. I feared it wouldn’t have stood the test of time, but it was mostly good, and the final scene had me in tears.

  5. Solid Wall of Code: AutoBan

    Movable Type plug-in that automatically updates an .htaccess file with IP addresses posting spam comments/trackbacks to your site, banning them.