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16 September 2020




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    @mrstth Somehow I'd forgotten your cool_things folder. That's jolly good.

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    @stefpos Totally.

    But I also want to see a photo of you in a t-shirt with your name on the front, cheerily waving your arms in the air, pulling a funny face.

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    And some more happy workers.

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    More happy workers from company websites.

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    @genmon Did you see @dracos' experience and delve into all the unnecessary JS it includes the other day?…

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    Pretty sure that is not what I entered as my name.
    More megabytes of client side JavaScript, producing yet another brilliant experience.

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    @ukglo @antimega I read of someone in the Barbican, a few floors up, finding a squirrel in their kitchen, after leaving a sliding door slightly open. It took a few people to convince it to leave.

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    I needed to show my coworkers 6 different webcams I've tested over the last few months. Here's about 20sec of each, all recorded today.

    Verdict? iPhone11 Pro w/ @reincubate's Camo is the best bang for the buck, esp. since you don't need extra hardware (just charge cable+tripod)

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    From 1975, the GLC's Infrastructure Design Guide for Thamesmead - a fairly idiosyncratic document that is very much "of its time". Bridges, subways, lamp standards, paths - much to love here! (a bit more to follow in next tweet). One for @BrutalHouse...

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    This is cool! I managed to do something I didn't think I'd get the chance to do - I 3D scanned the Southbank Skatepark.

    See its glorious ramps and graffiti for the first time in 3D and VR:

    #London #photogrammetry #skateboarding 🛹