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  1. The X of Generation X

    W. David Marx: “…the loudest complaints about ‘cultural stasis’ tend to come from Gen X adults whose cultural interests have long been anchored in obscure and openly-artistic cultural forms.” (via Russell Davies)

  2. Elizabeth Gilbert on Distinguishing Between Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, & Vocation - YouTube

    Good. Hands up who’s confused all four of those things and doesn’t know what they’re doing any more. (via Russell Davies)

  3. Gerhard Steidl Is Making Books an Art Form - The New Yorker

    Profile of the German book-maker, a description that undersells this article. (via Russell Davies)

  4. The Disquiet Junto Project List (0001 – 0265 …)

    A weekly assignment for composing music. “The purpose of the group is to use constraints to stoke creativity.” A nice list of all the projects. (via Russell Davies)

  5. Spectacle, Speculation, Spam on Vimeo

    Lots of this went over my head so I can’t quite tell if it’s good, but it was interesting, (via Russell Davies)

  6. The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Issue a Press Release

    Brilliant transcript of a talk by Audrey Watters on predictions about the future of technology, what they mean, why they’re wrong, etc. Very good. (via Russell Davies)

  7. Tufte CSS

    Some nice things in this example of CSS that styles things in a web parallel of Edward Tufte’s books. (via Russell Davies)

  8. How To Talk Comedy Writer – Updated! — Andy Riley |

    Brilliant list of British TV comedy-writing jargon. (via Russell Davies)

  9. 5 things I think journalism students need to know about technology — Thoughts on Media — Medium

    Good rules for lots of students and workers whose jobs come anywhere close to the internet. (via Russell Davies)

  10. Wired Style: A Linguist Explains Vintage Internet Slang - The Toast

    On the 1990s Wired style guide. ‘It’s like a “no dress code” workplace where everyone miraculously shows up in the same plaid button-down: informal, but tightly conscribed.’ (via Russell Davies)

  11. The Bouletcorp » Our Toyota was Fantastic.

    This is lovely. A comic, with the panels looping minimal animation. Gorgeous. (via Russell Davies)

  12. DNA/How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet

    All good, but particularly the points from “everything that’s already in the world when you’re born is just normal.” Very good. (via Russell Davies)

  13. Tabbloid

    Will regularly email you a PDF of your chosen RSS feeds. Couldn’t be much simpler. (via Russell Davies)

  14. STACK independent magazine subscription and delivery

    Subscribe to a mixture of magazines. Lovely idea. The limited selection is a bit too “style” for my taste, but still. (via Russell Davies)

  15. Sprint: Plug into Now.

    Quite absorbing “dashboard” about the state of the world. Some of it’s obviously whizzy and not entirely factual. But I want one for me. (via Russell Davies)

  16. Creative Generalist - What Specifically Do Generalists Do?

    Wander & Wonder, Synthesize & Summarize, Link & Leap, Mix & Match, Experience & Empathize. (via Russell Davies)

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