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2015-08-28 (Friday)


  1. Bike Shop in East London | Isambard’s Vintage Bicycles

    On Bethnal Green Road, they restore and rebuild old bikes with new components.

  2. Wired Style: A Linguist Explains Vintage Internet Slang - The Toast

    On the 1990s Wired style guide. ‘It’s like a “no dress code” workplace where everyone miraculously shows up in the same plaid button-down: informal, but tightly conscribed.’ (via Russell Davies)


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    @Rchards I did, and it was, so thanks!

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    Also, just finished watching 'Humans'. Jolly good.…

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    I am, but I don't even know what proper research is really.

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    Interesting research positions for anyone interested in the long term future of humanity: