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2008-02-06 (Wednesday)


  1. Chyrp

    Simple-looking, open-source, decently-featured PHP/MySQL-based weblog engine with built-in support for different kinds of Tumblr-like posts. (via Daring Fireball)

  2. HyperPort - HyperCard Export Utility

    Handy. I must try this while I still have a Mac that can run Classic. (via Daring Fireball)

  3. Creative Generalist - What Specifically Do Generalists Do?

    Wander & Wonder, Synthesize & Summarize, Link & Leap, Mix & Match, Experience & Empathize. (via Russell Davies)

  4. Charlie’s Diary: Youth of today

    I love things like this, reminding those of us a little older what the world is like from a young person’s point of view. (via Mildly Diverting)

  5. Complete® MoisturePLUS™ Contact lens solution recall notice

    Oh, that’ll be why I couldn’t find my usual solution last time I looked…

  6. Is the Tipping Point Toast? — Duncan Watts — Trendsetting

    Much-linked-to article saying that Influentials aren’t as influential as ‘The Tipping Point’ would have us believe.”When you test the way marketers say the world works, it falls apart.”