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Links tagged with “shoes”

  1. Rate My Treads

    I love the effort and expense of these really specific consumer tests - which boots are grippiest on ice? (via Ask MetaFilter)

  2. Kokos

    Shoe repairers and retailers in East Finchley. Apparently repair shoes for C&J and Lobb.

  3. Acrux² FL GTX Approach Shoe / Men’s / Footwear / Shoes / Arc’teryx / Arc’teryx

    Possibly the first walking/”approach” shoe/boot that doesn’t look hideous.

  4. Sneaking through U.S. Customs with Converse All-Star invention - GazEtc

    Adding fibres to the rubber soles of Converse All Stars means they qualify as slippers rather than sneakers, and so attract a much lower import duty. (via Put This On)

  5. Put This On • The Seven-Shoe Wardrobe The longer I write about…

    I was wondering what something like this would look like yesterday, then came across this.

  6. Veldtschoen Variations

    My years-long inability to find waterproof and light-walking shoes/boots I like has currently come to this.

  7. A Complete Guide to Seinfeld’s Sneakers | Complex

    Not that Jerry’s style is one to be emulated, but top marks for obsession. (via Kottke)

  8. Unabomb08 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    The Unabomber’s cobbled-together shoes, designed to leave fake, wrong-sized footprints. (via @GreatDismal)

  9. Grenson | Men’s Shoes, Men’s Brogues, Mens Boots, Handmade Shoes, British Shoes

    Some nice shoes, the name of which I’ll forget. (via Antimega)

  10. Belgrave Cedar Shoe Tree

    Decent, relatively cheap shoe trees. Don’t look quite as smart as the photo in the flesh but seem to do the job.

  11. - Roosters

    I got a pair of boots from Roosters over twenty years ago and (after a long time of not wearing them) I still like them.

  12. Why Zappos Pays New Employees to Quit—And You Should Too - Harvard Business Online’s Bill Taylor

    Much linked-to article about an online shoe-selling firm and how it’s a great place to work. They offer new recruits $1000 to quit, in order to only keep people who are keen. (via Kottke)

  13. SF - RM Williams Boots - Everything You Wanted to Know - Style Forum

    I love this level of obsession about any subject, and this is a fine example.

  14. Russell Moccasin Co.

    I’m a sucker for American practical clothing. These custom-made shoes and boots sounded good in a glowing Monocle article.

  15. Architect’s Footprints shoes from Birkenstock

    Why does no one in the UK appear to sell these things? I want comfy shoes!

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