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Links tagged with “privacy”

  1. Best VPN Services 2017 Has to Offer (+ Reviews) -

    Looks like a good review of which VPNs to choose. They *sound* unbiased… (via Brett Terpstra)

  2. trailofbits/algo: Set up a personal IPSEC VPN in the cloud

    Another self-hosted VPN server, which they say is better than Streisand.

  3. jlund/streisand: Streisand sets up a new server running L2TP/IPsec, OpenConnect, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, sslh, Stunnel, and a Tor bridge

    “It also generates custom configuration instructions for all of these services. At the end of the run you are given an HTML file with instructions that can be shared with friends, family members, and fellow activists.”

  4. The Internet With A Human Face - Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference Talk

    Text of a great, if depressing, talk about privacy, internet advertising and business models by Maciej Cegłowski. “Investor storytime is when someone pays you to tell them how rich they’ll get when you finally put ads on your site.” (via @antimega)

  5. How Britain exported next-generation surveillance — Matter — Medium

    Finally got round to reading James’s piece on Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. It’s odd to think of this vast network of vision and computation churning away monitoring live and historical movements of people, invisibly.

  6. The stupid cookie law is dead at last | Silktide blog

    “History has shown us that whenever a law opposes the will of the people, it doesn’t tend to do much. It may have been illegal to tape songs off the radio, but there’s little appetite from police officers to cart schoolchildren off to prison for it. And so it is here.” (via @tomskitomski)

  7. The Sex Myth: How To Blog Anonymously (and how not to)

    Some good (but, as she says, far from exhaustive) and interesting tips on how to blog anonymously, by Brooke Magnanti / Belle du Jour. (via @tomcoates)

  8. Your Choices | YourOnlineChoices UK

    Opting out of ads that creepily follow you round the web. Includes advertising services that weren’t on the Network Advertising Initiative page I linked to a couple of weeks back. (via @rooreynolds)

  9. The Reaction To ‘Girls Around Me’ Was Far More Disturbing Than The ‘Creepy’ App Itself - Forbes

    Yeah, this I think. There is creepiness around the app but, also, I can use my *eyes* to *see* girls around me but not many people are suggesting we put out our eyes or make all women hide themselves when out in public.

  10. Theresa May’s Internet History - a Freedom of Information request to Home Office - WhatDoTheyKnow

    Very good. If she’s done nothing wrong, she’s got nothing to hide, so there should be no problem, so they say. (via @gwire)

  11. Network Advertising Initiative - Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising

    “Select all” then “Submit”. In theory I feel I should find targeted ads more useful and interesting. But, no: increasingly creepy.

  12. CV Dazzle by Adam Harvey

    “Camouflage from face detection.” Good stuff. By a student at ITP. (via @GreatDismal)

  13. Wikileaks Exposes Internet’s Dissent Tax, not Nerd Supremacy - Zeynep Tufekci - Technology - The Atlantic

    “the Internet is somewhat akin to shopping malls, which seem like public spaces but in which the rights of citizens are restricted, as they are in fact private.” (via Blech and more)

  14. Wired Scenarios: - Global Neighborhood Watch Neal Stephenson

    For blech, Neal Stephenson in 1995, imagining people watching CCTV cameras over the internet, like the new ‘Internet Eyes’ scheme starting in Britain.

  15. Facebook | News Feed and Wall Privacy

    Opt out of having your photos appear in advertisements shown to your friends. YOUR PHOTOS APPEAR IN ADVERTISEMENTS SHOWN TO YOUR FRIENDS. ffs. (via Haddock)

  16. Internet records to be stored for a year - Telegraph

    Another day another invasion of privacy. Hard to believe this stuff. I should start tagging these things. #fuckingupthecountry? (via Infovore)

  17. Witopia :: Welcome

    VPNs, about $40-60 per year. I’m considering one to avoid my ISP logging all my activity, and people on open wifi networks snooping. Bonus: A US IP address = access to Hulu. (via Ian Betteridge on Twitter)

  18. Schneier on Security: The Future of Ephemeral Conversation

    “The younger generation chats digitally, and the older generation treats those chats as written correspondence. … until we have a Presidential election where both candidates have a complete history on social networking sites from before they were teenagers — we aren’t fully an information age society.” (via Oblinks)

  19. Facebook | My Privacy

    The page for opting out of Facebook’s Beacon “feature” that tells people what you’ve been buying on other sites.

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