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2012-05-15 (Tuesday)


  1. Essex Fingerposts - a set on Flickr

    Lovely set of familiar signposts. (via Paul Mison)

  2. google-map-marker-with-shadow.js — Gist

    “Here’s how to add a coloured marker to a Google Map with a shadow in the right place.” The marker’s dynamically generated using the Google Charts API.

  3. The Sex Myth: How To Blog Anonymously (and how not to)

    Some good (but, as she says, far from exhaustive) and interesting tips on how to blog anonymously, by Brooke Magnanti / Belle du Jour. (via @tomcoates)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    @iamdanw You’re so cyberpunk!

  • philgyford’s avatar

    @mattsheret Grrrrr. I want my money back!

  • philgyford’s avatar

    @designswarm Where do they have the Spring and Autumn Olympics? They get totally overshadowed by the others.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    @plsj Brilliant, well done. (“well done” doesn’t sound sufficient, but well done anyway.)