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2011-02-20 (Sunday)


  1. Embarrassingly pimping

    I spoke at The Story about Pepys’ Diary, and would like to speak about it at more events.

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  1. CV Dazzle by Adam Harvey

    “Camouflage from face detection.” Good stuff. By a student at ITP. (via @GreatDismal)

  2. David Long :: Hidden City

    “The Secret Alleys, Courts and Yards of London’s Square Mile” Sounds like a good read.

  3. Married and moving to Hollywood

    I just like John August’s suggestions on how to maintain a good relationship if you both move somewhere because one of you has a new, all-consuming new job.


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    Don't want to trivialise, but I don't remember William Hague condemning the violence of security forces during recent protests in the UK.

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    Sunday morning, radio on, cooking brunch for my wife and sister. [Like]

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    "What I love about the internet is that it seems like everything's possible. Apart from reading a book." @Glinner at #thestory2011