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  1. Did Samuel Pepys Write ‘The Taverns Are Full of Gadabouts’ in 1665?

    I feel quite chuffed to have a blog post quoted on Snopes.

  2. Pepys Diary erasure project | Via Negativa

    Poems made from fragments of Samuel Pepys’ diary entries.

  3. Samuel Pepys, Swedish Tweets and the craziest photo app yet (ft. Phil Gyford, Samuel Pepys Diary blog) | Off The Wall Post

    I’m on this podcast talking about Pepys and Pretend Office and, you know, stuff. It was fun!

  4. Roll Call. Say hello! (Pepys’ Diary)

    This is the why. Well, one of the whys.

  5. Lessons from 10 years of Pepys’s diaries online - Boing Boing

    Oh, that’s nice, Cory’s blogged my Pepys talk on Boing Boing. Thanks Cory! (via @caxtonian)

  6. BBC iPlayer - Click: 26/02/2011

    Pepys’ Diary gets a little plug around the 23 minute mark in the current edition of ‘Click’ on BBC News 24. (UK only I expect.)

  7. Pepys’ Shows: Samuel Pepys’ Theatre Reviews

    The remarkable Matthew Somerville and Clare Lovell made a lovely little thing at Culture Hack Day: a random review of a play as seen by Samuel Pepys, also linking to Theatricalia.

  8. BBC News | Magazine | What makes a truly great diary?

    From last week, quoting me. Don’t think I ended up saying anything embarrassing. Or particularly insightful.

  9. Pepys on Twitter (Pepys’ Diary)

    Samuel Pepys will now be updating his Twitter feed several times a day from 343 years ago.

  10. Hot gossip as Pepys and Austen go blogging - Times Online

    Pepys in the Sunday Times. Reads as if it’s only just started, rather than having been around for more than six years. And why do these journalists never get in touch with me?

  11. Site statistics (Pepys’ Diary)

    Five and a half years in, 50,000 comments so far, 25,000 absolute unique visitors per month, etc.

  12. High-Design Bible Draws Attention -

    A brief mention for Pepys’ Diary and a quote from me.

  13. LRB · Thomas Jones: Short Cuts

    “The best of the lot, though, is the diary of Samuel Pepys, which a web designer called Phil Gyford has been posting in daily instalments since 2003…” Hurrah!

  14. IT Conversations: Gardner Campbell

    My Pepys’ Diary website is mentioned in glowing terms part way through this podcast by Jon Udell about education weblogs. Which is nice.

  15. Interview: Phil Gyford | Wordsy

    A half-hour interview with me about Pepys’ Diary, in mp3.

  16. Best Literature Blog - The 2007 Weblog Awards

    Please vote for Pepys’ Diary, currently in second place. We need your vote! Vote early and often (yes you can vote once every 24 hours). Thanks!

  17. Pepys’ Diary: Thursday 27 November 1662

    “But Lord! to see the absurd nature of Englishmen, that cannot forbear laughing and jeering at every thing that looks strange.” Nice to know we’ve progressed in 343 years. Er…

  18. Pepys’ Diary: In-depth articles

    We just started a new section of the Pepys’ Diary site. Hopefully there will be more lengthy articles to come…

  19. Techquila Shots: Topic Mapping Pepys’ Diary

    Creating XML topic maps of Pepys’ Diary entries. This makes my head hurt in a very good way.

  20. Pepys’ Diary: The story so far is now up to date

    Don’t have time for a dose of Pepys every day? How about an RSS feed of monthly summaries?

  21. Pepys’ Diary: Tuesday 23 April 1661

    The coronation of Charles II makes for an excellent couple of days for Samuel:

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