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2005-07-26 (Tuesday)

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  1. Wonderland: Watercooler Games..

    I’m not clear how that rant’s specific to Massive, as opposed to any other advertising company in…


  1. Pepys’ Diary: In-depth articles

    We just started a new section of the Pepys’ Diary site. Hopefully there will be more lengthy articles to come…

  2. BBC News | Technology | Uproar grows over GTA sex scenes

    Sex scenes require a *higher* rating than blasting innocent people with a variety of weapons!? Weird Americans. (via Anne Galloway)

  3. The economics of movie popcorn pricing (

    See my two comments… so I don’t lose those links again (the rest of the page is by weird popcorn-eating people).

  4. Josh Kaufman: Inside My Bald Head: The Personal MBA 40

    I love stuff like this, The Books You Must Read for any particular field. Business, in this case. (via Kottke)