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Links tagged with “mysql”

  1. How to support full Unicode in MySQL databases · Mathias Bynens

    Don’t use utf8, use utf8mb4. I wonder sometimes. (via @mattb)

  2. HOWTO Use UTF-8 Throughout Your Web Stack

    A couple of things for future reference. (via Daring Fireball)

  3. 5.1 Reference Manual :: mysql Tips | MySQL - Using the —safe-updates Option

    Stops you doing updates and deletes on the entire database, generally by accident. —i-am-a-dummy is a synonym. (via blech)

  4. Perch - A really little content management system (CMS)

    I’ll forget what this is called if I need to find it again. Sounds like it could be handy, and a shiny blue and pink site always makes things seem even nicer. (via Mildlydiverting)

  5. Useful temporal functions & queries |

    Some handy little techniques in there for calculating time and date things in MySQL. (via Infovore)

  6. Install Movable Type on a Mac - Adventures in Movable Type

    This is always more pain than it should be. A handy guide.

  7. Flogr - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Looks like a nice way to make a portfolio site from your photos stored on Flickr. Example: (via Infovore)

  8. Linking Facebook Connect - Stack Overflow

    “how do I make it so I can store the facebook user ID into my MySQL database as part of the current users information?”

  9. Fever° Red hot. Well read.

    Self-hosted, pay-for feed reader. Looks like a lovely interface and an interesting way of organising feeds and posts. (via Daring Fireball)

  10. Outlet PHP ORM - Welcome

    I’ve just started using this. I needed something simple and lightweight and I think I like this. Still a little rough, but getting there.

  11. Tag Based PHP Photo Album | JuxtaPhoto

    Looks nice, but haven’t tried it. Single user only.

  12. Gallery | Your photos on your website

    Very full-featured, a bit complicated, but very polished PHP/MySQL photo gallery. Installed easily, multiple users, nice themes. Win.

  13. Zenphoto

    PHP/MySQL photo gallery. Front-end looks gorgeous. But a couple of silly awkward problems made it tricky to install and the admin interface was a bit baffling. No multiple users.

  14. Phpmyfamily::home

    Allows people to collaborate on researching their family’s genealogy. Nice idea, but looks pretty ugly and confusing.

  15. Kbinstuff -perl, Unicode/utf8,, apache, mod_perl and MySQL 

    My Perl scripts were never fetching UTF8 strings from a UTF8 database. Much cursing later, I found this reference to doing $dbh->(“mysql_enable_utf8”) = 1. Seems to work. Finally. Grr.

  16. Asaph -

    Nice-looking and very simple weblog CMS focused on collecting links, photos and quotes, rather than writing stuff yourself. (via Daring Fireball)

  17. Chyrp

    Simple-looking, open-source, decently-featured PHP/MySQL-based weblog engine with built-in support for different kinds of Tumblr-like posts. (via Daring Fireball)

  18. Adactio: Journal — Hacky holidays on OS X

    How to set up virtual hosts, PHP5 and MySQL on Leopard, for when I upgrade soonish.

  19. A MySQL Abstraction Class For PHP

    Sounds lovely, and probably better than the one of my own I’ve been using in various places for years. (via Infovore)

  20. Living-e AG: MAMP - Mac - Apache - MySQL - PHP

    One-click install of Apache, MySQL, PHP for running sites locally on your Mac without all the httpd.conf etc malarkey.

  21. Mysql automatic backup script - AutoMySQLBackup

    Looks very handy, and better than my too ad hoc approach.

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