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Links tagged with “maps”

  1. 285 - London’s Lost Rivers « Strange Maps

    Idea for public art project: Brass markings on roads, pavements, buildings, etc. that mark the path of the rivers that are now hidden. (via Ted Mills)

  2. Freaky People Productions » Blog Archive » Google Maps causes Safari 1.3.2 to crash

    If you use the Google Maps API your Javascript may have recently started crashing Safari 1.3.2. This is how to fix it.

  3. MySociety » Travel-time maps

    Very, very tasty interactive London maps looking at travel times and house prices. (via Haddock)

  4. The Information Freeway :: A map of the planet

    A very nice viewer for the Open Street Map data. I had no idea they had so much, and it looks gorgeous close-up. (via Simon Willison)

  5. Get Lat Lon - find the latitude and longitude of a point on a map

    Wonderfully simple Google Maps tool by Simon Willison for doing what it says. Very handy for me for Pepys’ Diary.

  6. Latitude/longitude lookup (geocoding-geolocator)

    Thing from Cameron Marlowe and Yahoo! Maps which shows you the lat/long of a place you point at. Simple and could be handy. (via Plasticbag)

  7. Telegraph | News | London-on-Sea: the future of a city in decay

    Map of how much of London may flood. Run for the hills. (via Haddock)

  8. World Geography Quizzes - Hundreds of Map Games

    Loads of very good educational map games for dumbos like me. (via Haddock)

  9. Caledonian Global Challenge - Caledonian Business School

    Europe-based map game. I’m embarrassingly poor at even this. (via Haddock)

  10. Geosense: an online world geography game

    What it says. Good one, you can play against others (or click ‘Visit’ then ‘Play alone’). (via Haddock)

  11. World Map - countries of the world

    Educational map game (my geography is terrible). (via Haddock)

  12. - Geocoordinates from Wikipedia for Google Earth

    That’s a lot of locations. Not sure what I’d do it with it but just in case… (via Plasticbag)

  13. Google Maps - Treo

    Official Google Maps app for the Treo. Works a treat. All it needs now is walking directions…

  14. Walk It - A step in the right direction

    Fantastic. Gives you walking directions from A to B in central London. Google et al only do driving directions, which are very different. (via Haddock)

  15. Maps of War

    Excellent animated map showing who’s inhabited and carved up the Middle East over millennia. (via Haddock)

  16. Google Maps + Google Video + Mashup - Claude Lelouch’s Rendezvous

    Fantastic idea, although it stutters horribly and becomes very out of sync for me.

  17. GogglesBeta09.swf

    Server problems mean I’m probably the last person to link to this. Still fun. (via Haddock)

  18. Bikely - Discover and share your favorite bicycle routes

    People sharing bike routes in different cities/countries. Using Google Maps. Interesting to see which way people go. (via Blackbeltjones)

  19. Clickdensity - website heat maps for usability and information architecture

    Interesting-looking thing for measuring where people click on your pages (although I haven’t tried it).

  20. MySociety - Travel-time Maps and their Uses

    Lovely maps of travel times around the UK by Lightfoot & Steinberg, data wranglers to the Ministry. (via Haddock)

  21. Gmaps Pedometer

    Calculates distances along a route for you. Nike also have a version but you have to register to get the same data.

  22. Worldmapper: The world as you’ve never seen it before

    A big collection of world maps with countries resized according to different kinds of statistics. (via Boing Boing)

  23. Transport for London Cycle Journey Planner

    Matthew Somerville does it again. Simple interface to get cycling directions across London from Transport for London’s journey planner.

  24. Google Cartography

    Does a Space Syntax kind of thing using Google Maps. I haven’t tried it, but looks interesting. (via Blackbeltjones)

  25. Mapping religion in America (

    Fascinating and attractive maps showing the percentage of residents of all US counties that belong to different religions. (via Plasticbag)

  26. Ogle Earth: Center of Gravity II

    Finding the “centre of gravity” of a number of points in Google Earth. (via Kottke)

  27. Geograph British Isles - photograph every grid square!

    IS this new or have I just not seen it before? “Aims to collect a geographically representative photograph for every square kilometre of the British Isles.” Lovely. Nice Google Earth integration too. (via Tim/twisty)

  28. Digitally Distributed Environments: London Google Earth 1690

    One day we’ll be able to view reality augmented with what the space looked like centuries ago. Until then, try this Google Earth map overlay. Awesome. (via Haddock)

  29. Digitally Distributed Environments

    Weblog with, currently, lots of models of London buildings for Google Earth.

  30. Windows Live Local

    Amazing new angled aerial maps of bits of America. Here’s exactly where I lived in Houston. Rotate the view using the compass. Incredible.

  31. Merchandise - OpenStreetMap

    Very nice large map of plotted GPS data in London, only ten quid. Even better, raises money for OpenStreetMap. (via Tom Carden)

  32. Google Maps - Salton City, California

    The road layout of an American town founded in the 1950s, which failed to develop. (via Google Sightseeing)

  33. Tom Mangan’s Fun With Google Maps

    Especially the Space Shuttle tracking, and some Javascript for laying other images on top of Google Maps. (via Haddock)

  34. Google Maps - 30.209688,47.394472

    Burning oil fields in Iraq from a satellite photo. Zoom in. Amazing.

  35. Google Maps - 2600 bay area boulevard,houston, tx

    Satelite photo of where I used to live. I love the pattern of those suburbs.

  36. As simple as possible, but no simpler: Mapping Google - Anonymous comment

    Stitching together a map of the entire USA via Google Maps.

  37. SeaDragon Technology

    Demo of some vague but interesting mapping technology. (Go to Technology > Demos > Map demo. Dumb Flash site.)

  38. As simple as possible, but no simpler: Mapping Google

    Roughly how the client-side of Google Maps works.

  39. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | G2: Leo Benedictus profiles the immigrant communities of London

    At bottom of page: related articles and particularly fabulous maps of the city by ethnicity and religion…

  40. Mezzoblue - DHTML ‘05

    Benefits and drawbacks of’s impressive DHTML map of Switzerland which uses XMLHttpRequest a la Google Suggest.

  41. ARCUS SOFTWARE - CityGuide3D London

    Something I linked to a while back, but now rescued from the comment to a link on its own.

  42. Transmutable: 93 Photo Street

    Free software for publishing web pages of location-based photos.

  43. Anti-mega: can we get excited yet?

    Chris is living in the future. And it’s over there.

  44. The London Noise Map

    Click through to the ‘Interactive London Noise Map’. I’m speechless.

  45. Fontus - London model

    3D map of central London.

  46. Black and White Photography: London Tube Map

    Wonderful aerial photo view of London with the tube lines overlaid on top. Crossed off the to do list.

  47. Microsoft TerraServer - University Forest Apartments, Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX

    I didn’t realise quite how close those aerial photos got. Slightly spooky. I used to live in the right-most block.

  48. Putting 40,000 Readers, One by One, on a Cover by David Carr (NYT, Registration required)

    A magazine will customise the covers of its subscribers’ copies with a satellite photo of their individual homes.

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