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Links tagged with “kevinkelly”

  1. The Hollow Core of Kevin Kelly’s “Thousand True Fans” Theory

    A critique of the essay in light of 2022’s internet. (via Things Magazine)

  2. The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup | WIRED

    Kevin Kelly’s overview of Mixed and Virtual Reality systems is a good read if you haven’t been paying enough attention, like me.

  3. The Technium: Pain of the New

    I haven’t seen ‘The Hobbit’ and its HFR, but most of the complaints about the 48fps do, as Kevin Kelly says, sound like people preferring vinyl over digital music, black and white film over colour, etc. Anyway, a good description of why HFR currently looks odd. (via Kottke)

  4. The Technium: The Futurist’s Dilemma

    “Any believable prediction will be wrong. Any correct prediction will be unbelievable. … the sweet spot that science fiction authors aim for” is the point on the cusp of “plausibility and fantasy”.

  5. The Technium: Corporate Long-term-ism

    “There is a strong anti-government attitude at loose in the world (not just in the US) that believes that government can only screw things up. And at the same time, a belief that corporations are the prime engines of all that is socially good.”

  6. Cool Tools: The Best Magazine Articles Ever

    Kevin Kelly is asking people to recommend the best magazine articles ever written. Too much good stuff to read. Excellent.

  7. The Technium: 1,000 Years of Forgetting

    I often think how even the most famous people alive today won’t be remembered in the distant future. But more importantly… A BRILLIANT video from the year 3000!

  8. Cool Tool: Best home chemistry lab book

    Sounds like fun! In theory. In reality I never used the chemistry set I had as a kid much, so maybe not.

  9. Conceptual Trends and Current Topics - Unthinkable Futures

    I like this kind of “thinking the unthinkable” as a way to come up with new ideas about what the future could be. So easy to get stuck thinking about the most likely outcomes otherwise.

  10. Kevin Kelly — The Technium — The Forever Book

    Not just a library of all essential knowledge about human civilisation, but it would contain instructions for how to recreate a version of itself. From 2006.

  11. Kevin Kelly — Help Wanted — The world’s best how-to?

    “What are the best how-to books, videos, software, websites that you’ve ever seen?” From 2004.

  12. Kevin Kelly - The Technium - 1,000 True Fans

    The idea that you only need a relatively small number of people willing to pay you occasionally for your work in order to make a living. (Stewart Lee suggested he needed 7,000 fans in 2005.)

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