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2011-07-15 (Friday)


  1. ‪The Grand Rapids LipDub (New World Record)‬‏ - YouTube

    I’ve watched this through twice now. It’s so happy-making and nicely done. (via Kottke)

  2. The Online Photographer: What I Would Get If I Were Starting Now

    I like this guide to how to start out in photography, particularly the bit about buying initial equipment and then not even looking at possible new kit for five years. Just do photography, don’t shop.

  3. The Technium: Corporate Long-term-ism

    “There is a strong anti-government attitude at loose in the world (not just in the US) that believes that government can only screw things up. And at the same time, a belief that corporations are the prime engines of all that is socially good.”

  4. The best intro book for any topic |

    Suggesting the best book to start learning about many topics. Needs more context and justification, but an interesting thing to browse. (via Kottke)

  5. Carbonmade : Your online portfolio.

    Quite fun looking, free portfolio websites.


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    @hamstand Nice, ta. I’ll save that for a future Friday afternoon.

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    @hamstand It’s only a matter of time...

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    A Spotify playlist of @jwheare’s genius Friday Drivetime playlist, ongoing. Hard to beat. Turn it up.

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    @rooreynolds I thought the BBC had blanket rights to use pretty much any music...? Like playing music on the radio.

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    @spaceboy I have a circle for each socioeconomic group, so I can communicate with people like traditional media. “This one’s for the ABC1s!”

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    @maryloosemore @suegyford I don’t think Dad’s on Twitter!

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    @knebworthchap Oh, wow, I hope you got your train OK - we made it with mins to spare. That queue was the low point of our holiday. Chaos.

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    Chocolate brownie reward. (Thanks @andyhunti)

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    I wonder which person in the government / police / media will be first to find a four leaf clover in their morning paper. #Rubicon

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    @wendyinfutures *blink* $42 per article?! If there was ever an industry that needs disruption, it’s academic journals.