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Bookmarks tagged with “javascript”

  1. jQuery date picker

    I’ve been dabbling with jQuery and this plugin makes doing just what I wanted as easy as it could be.

  2. SIMILE | Timeline | Documentation

    DHTML thing for creating nice scrollable timelines. (via Yoz)

  3. Quick guide to somewhat advanced JavaScript

    Helping me brush up my entrenched Web 1.0 JavaScript skills.

  4. SortedTable example

    Dynamically sorted and rearranged HTML tables using Javascript.

  5. Particletree · Quick Guide to Prototype

    Another guide to using the Javascript library. One day I’ll use it rather than just post links to documentation. (via Tom Carden)

  6. Top 10 custom JavaScript functions of all time

    Some of the most commonly repeated functions. (via Tim/twisty)

  7. Rico - JavaScript for Rich Internet Applications

    Library for Ajaxy drag-and-drop type stuff, extending prototype.js. (via Tim/twisty)

  8. Using prototype.js v1.3.1

    Unofficial documentation for the Prototype Javascript library. (via Tim)

  9. Edevil’s weblog » Javascript libraries roundup

    Handy collection of Javascript libraries for complicated things for future reference. (via Yoz)

  10. Slashdot | DHTML Utopia

    Review of a book on “Modern web design using JavaScript and DOM”. Ajax and stuff. Sounds good.

  11. Monket Calendar - Wiki -

    Lovely PHPy and Ajaxy calendar interface. Mmmm, the web’s getting nice.

  12. JavaScript Archive Network

    New, could be handy when it fills up a bit.

  13. Behaviour : Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours

    More Ajaxy stuff to investigate when time allows.

  14. Unobtrusive Javascript

    Great, modern, practical guide to good Javascripting

  15. As simple as possible, but no simpler: Mapping Google

    Roughly how the client-side of Google Maps works.

  16. List-based CSS / JavaScript menus

    What it says. Seems to work in most browsers you’d care about, and degrades nicely in others.

  17. JavaScript Rollovers: Introduction - Doc JavaScript

    But frankly, we need to go back to last century to do rollovers that will work everywhere. Sigh.

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