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2009-07-17 (Friday)

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  1. Online drama - Roo Reynolds

    A nice roundup of different bits of fiction Roo, thanks. I’ve been thinking recently about creating…


  1. Lighthouse - Beautifully Simple Issue Tracking

    Another simple, pretty bug tracking web app thingummy.

  2. Simple Bug and Issue Tracking | Sifter

    Looks pretty and simple which is always a bonus.

  3. The Present Sound of London by Giles Turnbull - The Morning News

    I was sceptical about this — “I don’t have time to listen to sounds!” “I live in London, I don’t need to hear it through a computer!” — but it’s really quite lovely in its framing of brief moments of life. Would like to overhear more conversations, but I’m nosey.

  4. Hacker News | The BBC’s Glow effort has always confused me. They were using jQuery on the main…

    John Resig, the chap behind jQuery, wondering (like many people I imagine) why the BBC wrote its own bespoke JavaScript framework. (via Haddock)


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    I can see the sea!

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    @blech @dotcode I did quietly switch on link underlining for [a recent project]. Links: #fff. Text: er, #fff. *rolls eyes*

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    Spending too much time on forums reading people discussing the international treasure hunt. Much fun. #usoe

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    Swum, breakfasted, looked at TVs, bought new rucksack. A successful morning from any perspective.

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    Breakfast ahoy! (If "ahoy" means "a fifteen minute walk away".)