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2009-10-22 (Thursday)


  1. The £10,000 playlist

    Why do we need a collection of MP3s when we can stream everything? What does that collection mean to us?


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  1. Help us map London’s Silicon Roundabout

    Hey, maybe you could call these people the Ditcherati?…



  1. Is the Magazine Dead? « Jimmy Wales

    Wikipedia’s founder on small groups making their own magazines with a MagCloud/Wikia partnership.

  2. Free PDF Printer

    I failed to get Windows XP running on VMWare to print. Grrr. But this allowed me to print to a PDF, which I could drag to the Mac and print from there.

  3. Hiddenloop’s paging_keys_js at master - GitHub

    Could be handy - javascript for doing the j/k up/down navigation thing through a page. (via Kottke)

  4. LRB · Roy Mayall: Diary

    A good day to finally read this report from a pseudonymous postman. “Figures are down” but volumes are up; companies are important, ordinary people aren’t.


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    Fix, the re-opened Coffee @ Whitecross St, is just as nice as it used to be. Must come more often. The fridge is still noisy though.

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    Hiscox: If the page with my quote on automatically refreshes, and expires my session, before you call me back in the promised time: is bad.

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    @paulpod Can't Tubestick use the data broadcast over Freeview for the EPG?