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Links tagged with “cinema”

  1. End of Unrealised Schemes

    “…a display of index cards and envelopes, created and collected by cinephiles to record what films they’ve seen…” Looks great, and makes my collection of cinema tickets seem half-hearted.

  2. U.K. Cinemas : London

    Seating capacities of different screens. (via antimega)

  3. How I Wrote Arrival (and What I Learned Doing It) - The Talkhouse

    What it says. On writing the film script. I love reading about the process of writing these things.

  4. Home - London’s Silent Cinemas

    “It documents the early lives of over 700 cinemas across London and its suburbs” from 1906 to around 1930. The map’s really good.

  5. Search Films - London Cinema

    A nice site for finding what films are on near a location. (via @jobby)

  6. Advice & Info - Independent Cinema Office

    Loads of really practical introductory info about starting and running an independent cinema in the UK. (No, I was just interested.)

  7. Overheard: Steven Soderbergh | Film Comment

    From 2013, on the state of cinema, the difference between “movies” and “cinema”, wondering what’s happening, how no one knows anything. A good read.

  8. Barbican - Urban Wandering – Film and the London Landscape

    Loads of interesting London-related films at the Barbican in September. Includes a new film about the pedways/highwalks! (via @antimega)

  9. At The Movies, The Women Are Gone : Monkey See : NPR

    On the tiny percentage of movies, especially mainstream, which is all most people get a chance to see in a cinema, which are about, never mind by, women. (via Paul Mison)

  10. Recycled Movie Costumes

    It’s hard enough recognising actors that have been in something before, never mind their clothes. Oddly fascinating. (via @pkqk)

  11. Observations on film art : Pandora’s digital box: In the multiplex

    Great in-depth look at digital cinemas, the technology and business. Next year more than half the world’s cinema screens will be digital, not film. (via Snarkmarket)

  12. Movies, Downloads, Blu Ray, DVDs, Cinema & TV Listings | Find Any Film

    Alerts for when films you want to see appear in the formats you want. Good idea but ugly, confusing, unintuitive, Lottery-funded. Needs a slap with the Web 2.0 stick.

  13. Into The Abyss: Teal and Orange - Hollywood, Please Stop the Madness

    Fun look at how so many Hollywood films use very similar computer-adjusted colour palettes these days. (via @matlock)

  14. • View topic - Barbican Cinemas 2 and 3 to Close

    Due to close early 2010 and re-open two years later in the current Barbican Exhibition Hall. Sounds like a cock-up re guaranteeing Frobisher Crescent developers the current cinemas wouldn’t leak noise.

  15. Free Movies: Watch movies online legally

    A bunch of full “indie” movies to watch online. Looks like there might be some good stuff.

  16. The Popcorn Palace Economy - The thirsty moviegoer fuels the business. By Edward Jay Epstein

    On the balance of food/drink, movies and advertising in the profits of cinemas. (via Kottke)

  17. The economics of movie popcorn pricing (

    See my two comments… so I don’t lose those links again (the rest of the page is by weird popcorn-eating people).

  18. Stella Artois - Le Sacrifice , ad, advert | visit4info | TV/Cinema

    I don’t like adverts, but I do smile when I see this fake surrealist film ad at the cinema. Nicely done.

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