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2013-06-16 (Sunday)


  1. Are Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode Conversion Killers? | Practical eCommerce

    This was going round Twitter today with people saying it shows Verified By Visa etc can reduce your site’s checkout completion rate by 10%. But it’s just the results of a survey, with 10% saying they’d “consider” stopping checkout.

  2. Dodgy wind? Why “innovative” turbines are often anything but

    A good read about why many supposedly new-and-improved designs for wind turbines aren’t improved, and sometimes aren’t even new. (via @undermanager)

  3. At The Movies, The Women Are Gone : Monkey See : NPR

    On the tiny percentage of movies, especially mainstream, which is all most people get a chance to see in a cinema, which are about, never mind by, women. (via Paul Mison)


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    To be fair, the article says A/B tests are needed, but people on Twitter obviously don’t read to the end. Or past headline. Or the tweet.

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    I’m no fan of Verified By Visa but that article… 10% of people surveyed “say” they “consider” not continuing with purchase. Show real tests!

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    (As soon as I typed that my brain thought “HTML editor still uses font tags, oddly” was a cryptic crossword clue.)

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    The eBay forms for listing an item have got a lot less horrendous since I did it a few months ago. HTML editor still uses font tags, oddly.

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    Re Google Reader: I’m impressed with how smoothly the @feedbinapp website works on mobile Safari, especially my clunky iPad 1.

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    'What's any artist but the dregs of his work, the human shambles that follows it around.' - William Gaddis