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2013-04-08 (Monday)


  1. Margaret Thatcher and misapplied death etiquette | Glenn Greenwald

    “There’s something distinctively creepy - in a Roman sort of way - about this mandated ritual that our political leaders must be heralded and consecrated as saints upon death.” Yes. No heralding happening here.

  2. Welcome to Toytown: what life is like in new-build Britain | Society | The Guardian

    ‘“It’s referred to as a village, but it’s an estate,” Terri insists. “The fact that it was all built at the same time means it’s an estate. Villages evolve, don’t they?”’

  3. Recycled Movie Costumes

    It’s hard enough recognising actors that have been in something before, never mind their clothes. Oddly fascinating. (via @pkqk)


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    @privateroach They said they’d hide my pencil case again if I told anyone!

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    @GreatDismal Also: Hefner, “The Day That Thatcher Dies”…

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    A good first day at my first proper job after ten years of freelancing… I’m now a Creative Technologist at @berglondon working on @bergcloud

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    @mala You’re not in a desert this time though. Not sure if that’s better or worse.

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    A good day for my old “Retro Tory Hating” Spotify playlist:…

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    @plsj How to have a job!

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    First day at new school.

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    Like Narnia, the long winter's over, the ice-queen is dead, and we're ruled by a bunch of public schoolkids.

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    Best comment on #Thatcher on Fb: "My thought goes out to Satan and the rest of hell at this difficult time" #ThatchersDead

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    I'm on a train and some shouted "Thatcher is dead". The whole carriage cheered. Followed by one old bloke who did a loud fart. #memorable

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    Are there glory holes for just holding hands?