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Links tagged with “bristol”

  1. Headfirst

    Seems like a good guide to what’s on in Bristol.

  2. Do the verdicts in the trial of the Colston 4 signal something wrong with our jury system? 10 things you should know – The Secret Barrister

    A really clear description of all the possible reasons the verdict could have been “not guilty”. (via FaveJet)

  3. The Gloucester Road Story

    Nice. What business was in each location on the road (in Bristol) since 1870.

  4. UWE Graduation Ceremony 1993 - YouTube

    Blimey, nearly twenty years ago. Everyone is so smooth and wide-eyed. (12:30 if you’re wondering.)

  5. Full service digital marketing agency - 3Sixty

    Was trying to remember the name of this agency in Bristol a while ago. They mentioned me on Twitter and so I was reminded.

  6. 陳 Jon Tan

    Designer, web stuff, based in Bristol

  7. Bristol news | Video: Inside Bristol’s biggest ever cannabis factory

    Video of inside a cannabis factory in a former NatWest bank right on Bristol’s East Street. Impressive.

  8. Buffed on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    “I never understand why this doesn’t count as graffiti….” Indeed.

  9. Watermarks Project

    Lovely idea to make it obvious how disastrous rising sea levels could be. All the photos are mock-ups though unfortunately. (via Noisy Decent Graphics)

  10. Futurelab - Innovation in education

    “Transforming the way people learn through innovative technology and practice.” Interesting looking place, based in Bristol.

  11. Bristol - Real Time Information

    Real-time information of buses’ departure from bus stops, tracking buses fitted with GPS. Not the most beautifully implemented thing in the world but it looks like it works (eg, try postcode “BS1 5TR”). (via City of Sound)

  12. Long live Karl Marx! « The Bristol Blogger

    Awww… we used to see this guy at Ashton Court Festival, wandering around in a leather thong with a huge bottle of cider. He was called Colin Toogood and he’s died.

  13. YouTube - Wills’s Girls

    Interviews with women who used to work at Wills’ tobacco factory in Bristol. Lovely, but would have been much better if we could just see the women being interviewed, instead of all the graphics.

  14. YouTube - Bristol In The 1920s

    Lovely old footage of bits of Bristol. Presumably with sound added more recently. (via the Bristol Blogger)

  15. Save the Railway Path | The campaign to save the Bristol to Bath cycle path from being turned into a bus-lane

    Protest site over some daffy plans to let buses run alongside the peaceful but well-used Bristol to Bath cycle path.

  16. Redland Green School Overspend - The Report | James Barlow

    Nice deadpan assessment of an apparently poor report into the £6.4 million overspend on construction of a new Bristol school. (via the Bristol Blogger)

  17. Bristol UWE - In Pictures - Bower Ashton development gallery

    My old college has got a swanky new hi-tech building.

  18. Bristol Then and Now Photographs - Page One

    Lots of animated images with photos of past and (nearly) present Bristol. A shame more of them don’t line up better, but still interesting.

  19. Tilt-shift miniature fakes - a photoset on Flickr

    Lovely photos of Bristol looking like a teeny tiny toy.

  20. Em-K :: Emily Ketteringham :: Screen print gallery

    My favourite work seen on the ‘Southville Art & Performance Trail’ in Bristol last weekend.

  21. Bristol school of art media & design - UWE Bristol - Major Redevelopment for Bower Ashton Campus

    My old college is having a £11.5 million makeover. I can’t work out if our old “giraffe house” building is to be replaced or not.

  22. BBC NEWS | UK | England | Bristol/Somerset | Fire hits Wallace and Gromit sets

    Makes me sad, as if a tiny piece of my own posessions have gone up in smoke. Commiserations, Aards folk.

  23. Mobile Bristol - Queen Square - 1831 Riot!

    Walk around the square and a GPS-equipped iPAQ plays location-relevant historical sounds…

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