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2010-08-26 (Thursday)



  1. Full service digital marketing agency - 3Sixty

    Was trying to remember the name of this agency in Bristol a while ago. They mentioned me on Twitter and so I was reminded.


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    @benterrett I would call it 'Tomorrow'.

  • philgyford’s avatar, I know you want to be friendly but is a poll on the front page about your favourite A-Team character appropriate for a bank?

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    @rooreynolds The new one is certainly no improvement. I'd be tempted to say they've managed to make it worse. Quite a feat.

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    I could easily tweet all evening about how bad @thecooperative's new online banking site is but I'd have to charge them a consulting fee.

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    Well done @thecooperative. The first link I usually click on your online banking site gives an error, "No Transactions for given criteria."