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  1. Are your students struggling this semester? | Ask MetaFilter

    Interesting to read how consistently (US) students are struggling to work, pay attention, etc, this year.

  2. Alternatives to The Guardian - news | Ask MetaFilter

    Some suggestions but, unsurprisingly and unfortunately, there’s no one good leftish, UK-based, news source.

  3. Help me not hate LA? | Ask MetaFilter

    Lots of really nice answers full of people who have grown to love living in LA after moving there. Just positive and encouraging.

  4. Help me make a world history syllabus out of novels - books | Ask MetaFilter

    I don’t often read historical novels, but I like this idea.

  5. 80’s students, what films were your film society showing then? | Ask MetaFilter

    I like the idea of working out, or remembering, what films were considered classic/interesting at a specific point in the past.

  6. Post-post-collapse fiction? - scifi sf sciencefiction | Ask MetaFilter

    “fiction taking place after society has begun to rebuild itself” (via Things Magazine)

  7. Objects in image are different than they appear | Ask MetaFilter

    Well-known songs, movies, etc whose meaning is something other than what most people assume on a casual listen, watch, etc.

  8. Sci-fi clothing for the real world? | Ask MetaFilter

    Not that I’d wear any/most of this, but some interesting things.

  9. It’s not like taxi apparently - pronounciation | Ask MetaFilter

    Fascinating and unintentionally amusing thread in which people with different accents attempt to descibe precisely how words are pronounced.

  10. How does someone build a rich, connected, creative life? | Ask MetaFilter

    Lots of good advice, better and more practical than the title and first sentence leaf me to hope.

  11. How did you find your passion? - career work motivation | Ask MetaFilter

    A great answer (from 2008) that’s realistic and emphasises that you don’t need to (sometimes shouldn’t) turn your passion, if you even have one, into your career.

  12. Building a library from scratch (almost) - libraries librarians books | Ask MetaFilter

    How to start and run a library, because I like reading about how to start and run things you’ve little experience of starting and running.

  13. When Internet businesses don’t work out as planned… | Ask MetaFilter

    I’m fascinated (and horrified) by this kind of “Internet business” which… does nothing but SEO, “content generation”, ads, auctions… what’s it *for*?

  14. You were doing it wrong | Ask MetaFilter

    All the bits about pronouncing words wrong get a bit tiresome, but there’s some other fun stuff that people did wrong for years without realising. (via Waxy)

  15. Help me help my friend in DC. | Ask MetaFilter

    Blimey. I’m all teary. Internet is good.

  16. Girls who eat their feelings, girls who don’t eat anything… | Ask Metafilter

    List of scenes from movies that explain the different cliques within a school. Looking forward to the YouTube compilation.

  17. Advice for clearing literary clutter | Ask MetaFilter

    Old thread on how to reduce the number of books one owns (or why not to bother). (via 43 Folders)

  18. Falkland Island travel advice | Ask MetaFilter

    With a comment from me and, more usefully, my sister. (via ChrisDodo)

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