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2019-07-02 (Tuesday)


  1. 80’s students, what films were your film society showing then? | Ask MetaFilter

    I like the idea of working out, or remembering, what films were considered classic/interesting at a specific point in the past.


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    @paulpod I’ve only read the title and I already like its optimistic use of present rather than past tense.

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    I need a British mode to turn this off. I have never knowingly looked someone directly in the eye and I’m not about to start now.…

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    Whoa. iOS 13 will ARTIFICIALLY RE-POINT YOUR EYEBALLS in video calls so you're looking right at the other person instead of where you're actually looking, which is the screen

    Hey Apple, so long as we're doing this, how about fixing my hair and maybe also the bags under my eyes…