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2021-10-10 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2021-10-10

    A new-to-us car, my new acting showreel, a new floor, and no broadband.



  1. Are your students struggling this semester? | Ask MetaFilter

    Interesting to read how consistently (US) students are struggling to work, pay attention, etc, this year.


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    @yoz @gigaclear @Fastershire Maybe you need some new broadbands?

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    @gigaclear @Fastershire Must remember this next time something’s a bit tricky. “I understand stakeholders’ disappointment but plans to clean the car have met with delivery challenges that would require significant additional resources. I remain grateful for the opportunity to be part of this programme.”

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    Nearly two years after @gigaclear were supposed to get fibre-to-the-premises to this area as part of the @Fastershire broadband rollout, they’ve suddenly discovered it might be a bit tricky, so could they just not bother?…