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10 January 2019


  1. It’s not like taxi apparently - pronounciation | Ask MetaFilter

    Fascinating and unintentionally amusing thread in which people with different accents attempt to descibe precisely how words are pronounced.

  2. Fathom Analytics

    Simple, basic analytics run by two guys. Self-hosted open-source, or pay-for. Looks nice.


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    @phillmv No, the Commons won't be touched. Nor will photos CC-licensed before November 2018. Museums can get free Pro accounts.

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    If you’re giving up on Flickr now they want to be supported by paying customers, and are using ad-saturated, Facebook-owned Instagram, you’re part of the problem. I know everyone you know is on Instagram… this is how it happens. Support the web you want.
    I will not be arguing :p

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    @philgyford You've convinced me

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    Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.
    Teach a man to consult in Scaled Agile Fishing for Enterprise and he can get extremely rich despite never having successfully caught a fish or indeed having a clear idea of what a fish is.

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    The faux constitutional outrage of the government supporting press and punditry this morning is quite a marvel.

    Let's see what constitutional outrages they have so far not cared about.