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2010-05-21 (Friday)


  1. TV drama: The Shield versus The Wire | Television & radio | The Guardian

    Chris Petit from 2008, for the bit on The Shield. “The Shield is reprobate, founded on moral ambiguity, driven by violence, lacking the core of good guys who police Homicide and The Wire … [it] is more like science fiction in its prediction of anarchic alienation and breakdown.”

  2. Help me help my friend in DC. | Ask MetaFilter

    Blimey. I’m all teary. Internet is good.


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    I've had a nice day. I ended it with a sunny coffee and a read. It's the weekend. So why on Earth am I suddenly all stressed and angry?

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    @jjg That there's treason talk! To the Tower with him! (If it's not in Gill Sans it looks like a foreign language, and we can't do those.)

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    #BRIG's two stereos are competing with the summery tunes.

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    Sandals, shades, summer shirt. I'm not quite ready for shorts yet, but this is a good start. Breakfast ahoy!