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Thursday 3 April 2003

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Of course, my news about geo-encoding on UpMyStreet may get a little lost in the fact that UpMyStreet is falco-ing, I mean, up for sale. The quick-witted among you may also link this to my last-but-one post pointing out my CV — while I’ve been wondering whether to quit for the best part of a year, due to lack of challenge, my mind has obviously been made up for me. No doubt I’ll be writing more about this soon (along with the other webloggers people with weblogs who surround me and are the reason for me staying until now).


I'm sorry to hear this, Phil. The company I work for is being sold too, so I am in much the same position. Uncertainty is not very nice. However, you have a lot of good experience, and with all the publicity that has been given to the Pepys site I'm sure you will have no trouble finding something new. Good luck!

Posted by Laura Brown on 6 April 2003, 2:30 pm | Link

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