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Sunday 5 January 2003

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To continue from where we left off, on Friday Pepys’ Diary was Slashdotted, which is nice although doesn’t hold nearly the same thrill, cachet or fear it once would.

Later that day I recorded an interview for NPR‘s All Things Considered show, which is now online. I’m not quite sure why old media is more exciting than new, but it’s wonderful. Going into Broadcasting House, into a room packed with strange electronics and a handful of BBC engineers, into a tiny room with two microphones was thrilling. One engineer explained that, “this is going via Bush House and onto Washington,” which seems a technological marvel even when I’m picking up email from a computer in California every day. And talking through a microphone to Americans in a studio in the US seems far more space-age than my daily transatlantic online communications. I’ve always found radio somehow more magical than any other medium; the internet, TV, movies, CDs don’t seem a patch on a voice coming out of the little box in the kitchen.

But all this is beside the point. The point is, I don’t hate my own voice, which is a relief.


Regarding technological marvels and radio -- last Friday while walking to work, I changed my MP3 player to radio, and on BBC Radio 3, I think, there was a interview going on with Andy Cooney live, via satellite phone, from the South Pole. The mind boggled for several seconds.

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