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Writing tagged news

  1. One dimensional news

    Looking back at my Today’s Guardian site, after using it for a while. And identifying a problem all digital news design seems to have.

  2. Funding niche news services

    Matt Edgar’s trying to get a few people to fund a quality, local news serivce for Leeds.

  3. It’s not me, it’s you

    My frustrations with ‘Today’ have reached a peak, and I won’t be listening any more.

  4. Pay-per-point

    Pay-per-view seems a bit rude when you want to show people things. Maybe pay-per-point would be nicer.

  5. Today’s Guardian feature requests

    The three most common feature requests for the Today’s Guardian website.

  6. Today’s Guardian

    The thinking behind my new Today’s Guardian website.

  7. Week 347

    Looking at the failed news project, and moving on to Project Humphrey.

  8. News week, day 2

    I think I’m tackling the wrong problem with this project.

  9. News week, day 1

    Frustrated after only one day of this news project.

  10. Next week’s news

    What I plan to do next week: write a weekly news website.

  11. Small publishers of news

    Wondering whether there’s a future for small publishers of news.

  12. Looking for news

    Why I don’t read, watch or listen to any news, which isn’t a good thing.

  13. Finishability

    BERG’s video about digital magazines mentions the importance of a magazine being finishable, which is also true for news.

  14. All that guff

    Clarifying a couple of issues in my previous piece about newspapers’ problems.

  15. Why do you like running?

    Having complained about the quality of newspapers, now I’ complaining about TV and radio news.

  16. No one will be pointing at them

    If all websites cost money to read, what would I pay for?