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2011-10-24 (Monday)


  1. One dimensional news

    Looking back at my Today’s Guardian site, after using it for a while. And identifying a problem all digital news design seems to have.



  1. jQuery.fracs ·

    A library for dealing with objects that extend beyond the viewport - how much is visible, where it is, etc.


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    I'm enjoying Thom Yorke's 6Mix. That's all.…

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    @ianbetteridge That is quite special isn't it. I always thought drumming circles were a terrible thing, only enjoyed by their participants.

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    At least the police presence on Finsbury Square might stop all the cyclists going the wrong way, or on the pavement, on its south side.

    Westminster, England, United Kingdom

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    @tobybarnes Also I’m coming from the perspective of wanting to read lots of news, rather than browsing, which seems to be Flipboard’s forté.

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    @tobybarnes I never got the hang of Flipboard... too many things I wasn’t interested in or had seen elsewhere. Maybe I should try again?

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    I wrote a look back at my Today’s Guardian site, and the fundamental design problems it shares with all digital news:…

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    @jonathan_fry Thanks! The diary text is from Project Gutenberg, the same as I use on