Week 347

Weeknotes always seem to be written by people who are extremely busy and/or enthusiastic. Let’s look back at last week (346) and momentarily buck that trend.

I knew that my news project was both vague and ambitious and that I might fail to produce anything useful or interesting. But I did expect to produce something. Unfortunately, after two days I was even more lost than when I started. And, adding two solid days of reading news websites to a few weeks of pondering the problems, I was sick to death of thinking about news.

So the whole thing ground to a halt and I spent the rest of the week doing other odds and ends while trying not to feel like an aimless, over-hyping failure. I had no idea what I’d been trying to do. One of the problems with working on solo projects is finding a way out of the holes one digs without help.

I would like to return to the project in some way, but with a more manageable scope. Maybe focusing initially just on an interface that would make me keener to read news online than I currently am, clicking through one slow, cluttered webpage at a time. In the meantime, sorry if you were looking forward to me revolutionising the world of news.

Back to week 347, this week… Some client work came up at rather short notice, and I’m spending the week helping with the planning and wireframing of the project I was already going to be working on for much of March and April. In good Weeknotes tradition, I’ll give it my own codename: Project Humphrey. It’s good to be working with other people again, batting ideas around and slowly making amorphous ideas more concrete. The final website should be both fun and worthwhile, which is always a bonus, and I know I’ll find it useful.


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8 Feb 2010 at Twitter

  • 6:13pm: I love giving people directions.
  • 12:36pm: When @gilest tweets lyrics from The Sundays I get tingles down my spine. It's his angelic tweeting voice.