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w/e 2023-09-17

I’m struggling to recall any notable events from this week other than the arrival of Autumn, and Mary returning from the Pyrenees.

§ As an indication of how uneventful the week has been, my biggest technical struggle began as a result of using Homebrew to install telnet just so that I could log on to BayMOO which is approaching its 30th anniversary. Even in the distant days when I’d pop in there most evenings I didn’t do much, but it’s nice to check that I haven’t been “reaped”.

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
 _      __    __                     __     
| | /| / /__ / /______  __ _  ___   / /____ 
| |/ |/ / -_) / __/ _ \/  ' \/ -_) / __/ _ \
|__/|__/\__/_/\__/\___/_/_/_/\__/  \__/\___/
 ____                               _____   _____      
/\  _`\                     /'\_/`\/\  __ \/\  __ \    
\ \ \L\ \     __     __  __/\      \ \ \/\ \ \ \/\ \   
 \ \  _ <'  /'__`\  /\ \/\ \ \ \__\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \  
  \ \ \L\ \/\ \L\.\_\ \ \_\ \ \ \_/\ \ \ \_\ \ \ \_\ \ 
   \ \____/\ \__/.\_\\/`____ \ \_\\ \_\ \_____\ \_____\
    \/___/  \/__/\/_/ `/___/> \/_/ \/_/\/_____/\/_____/

== 8888        ==
*** Welcome to BayMOO! ***
Guest Login Antechamber

A small circular decompression chamber for new guests to  catch their breath
 and orient themselves to BayMOO space. When you are finished in here, type
 south to enter the Aquatic Dome.

Obvious exits: SOUTH to THE AQUATIC DOME and JUMP to Introduction to BayMOO
You see Population Sign here.

However, installing telnet meant that Homebrew updated everything else I’d previously installed with it.

Which changed my global Python version (nevermind whatever I’d set as the global Python version using pyenv).

Which meant that when I tried to make a “quick” fix to this site’s code, I discovered that pre-commit would no longer run when I tried to commit my changes.

Eventually it was simplest to un-install and re-install pre-commit.

But that meant it needed to re-install all the plugins. And one of them kept failing due to some Node-related error. (Node? WTF? Get away!)

Thankfully I guess it was [waves hands despairingly] some internet problem because a couple of hours later it all just worked again.

Cool story.

Related googling has revealed that of the two other BayMOO residents I met IRL, one is now a transplant surgeon and the other has disappeared from the web, both of which are admirable achievements.

§ On TV… I noticed that season six of This Farming Life, our favourite comfort watch, started a couple of weeks ago and it’s nice to settle back into that.

As threatened, I’ve started gradually re-re-watching The Thick of It. A benefit of having a terrible memory for film and TV is that most of it seems entirely new.

The Shock of the New has started being re-shown on iPlayer (via Ask MetaFilter) which is handy for anyone who might, for example, I’m imagining, only have a flickery old low-resolution copy. I don’t feel the need to re-watch it again right now but it’s the kind of programme that’s good to have around. Especially when each episode disappears from iPlayer after 30 days, meaning the first episodes will disappear before the final ones appear. I imagine there are furious tussles at the BBC between The Department Of Rights Negotiation and The Department Of Binge-Watching. The former seems more powerful.

On Bluesky, Nick pointed out that there’s some footage of Life Without Buildings on YouTube (like these) which is quite a thing for me to see. I was a latecomer to the band, who only released one brilliant studio album, so these are like nostalgia fixes for a time I wasn’t even aware of.

§ May your week be uneventful, if that’s a good thing.

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