Coins and Experiments

I started off writing a piece with a couple of interesting quotes from a recent London Review of Books, then realised it was much more suited to going on the Pepys site. So there it is. But it’s well worth a read even if you’re not into Pepys, particularly the bit about how coins were changed in the 17th century to foil counterfeiters and people who’d clip bits of the edges off…

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2 Feb 2011 at Twitter

  • 8:31pm: I love Spotify because I never have to buy music any more. I hate Spotify because I never have to buy music any more.
  • 6:30pm: Struggled to remember the URL required to read the SMS I just heard arrive. Then remembered the URL is: “Get phone out of pocket”.
  • 5:48pm: @wonderlandblog Hyper Sports (1984) had swimming as a section of it.
  • 2:42pm: @dracos Why isn’t the mainstream media covering this outrage?!
  • 2:30pm: @dracos Wow, @macintosh has made a QR code that will kill @danhon’s herd of @rooreynolds when @realmonkeybear eats mistletoe?
  • 2:22pm: @macintosh Wait, what? @rooreynolds killed @danhon with a burrito and is flying @realmonkeybear’s body to Shoreditch? #chinesewhispers
  • 10:53am: Two-thirds of @dandelionradio’s 2010 Festive Fifty as a Spotify playlist:
  • 10:17am: @tomtaylor Ooh, ta, booked!
  • 9:27am: @basil I am reading 'Whoops'. It's jolly good isn't it.
  • 9:08am: US bailouts cost more than Marshall Plan, Louisiana Purchase, S&L crisis, Korean, Vietnam and Iraq wars, New Deal, all of NASA. Together.
  • 8:59am: @tomcoates But I can't watch now because I'm on my phone in a coffee shop. Please stay awake and repost in 35 mins, ta, x.
  • 8:47am: @tomcoates I'm mostly just frustrated that I'll never get round to looking at anything you link to on Twitter over(my)night.
  • 8:43am: I would join a revolution against an unelected, expensive, in-power-for-decades head of state, but she looks so nice on stamps.
  • 8:41am: Not only hoping @tomcoates gets a blog, but that he also gets a Delicious/Pinboard account. (Joke, Tom, joke!) (Mostly.)

2 Feb 2011 in Links