Embarrassingly pimping

On Friday I spoke at The Story about The Diary of Samuel Pepys. I really enjoyed giving my presentation but even aside from that, it was a fantastic day — the other speakers were amazingly, consistently, interesting and delivered their thoughts well. A life where I get to spend a Friday at events like that can’t be a bad one.

This was the first time I’ve given a public talk about the Pepys website (the only other was to students at Pepys’ old school, St Paul’s). But, given the diary comes to an end in the first half of 2012, I should probably do this more. So if you know of a conference over the next 12-18 months where I should talk, do let me (or, more practically, the organisers), know. (And, if I’m embarrassingly pimping myself, the same goes for any awards the site should enter/be entered for.)

I give very few talks about anything. I am terrible at knowing what I know. I assume that most people in the audience of any conference I attend will know more than me about anything I could talk about. For similar reasons, I’m no good at thinking of things I could write about for magazines. You all know what I know.

It turns out that I need to run a website on a very specialised topic for eight years before I’m in a position to feel confident talking about it. This may be a little extreme.

My slides, a recording (if they get released), and a Python script will follow.


  • Hey Phil - we'd love to have you come speak at LSx2011, the 4th Leeds Web Festival :)

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