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2007-05-10 (Thursday)


  1. ‘A Whore’s Profession’ by David Mamet

    Notes on this collection of essays. Most of the notes are about acting and directing.

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  1. Low (fuzzy) on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Last night Mark Kozelek kept asking someone in the audience, who was taking photos with a camera…


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    Pepys, Stillman and Gyford all updated. Both my readers will be pleased. Bed.

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    9pm already. So much done, so much still to do. My eyes are settling permanently into widescreen format.

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    The usual fury at Internet Explorer turns to disappointment. It has let down not only me and itself, but the whole school.

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    Home, wet (idiot; previous sunny weather made me think it would never rain again), powered by sushi.

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    Part of me loves the quaintness of sending things through the post. Then I stand in a post office queue.

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    The bulb in our windowless bathroom keeps flicking off for a split second. It's like pissing in a David Lynch movie.