Phil Gyford


Thursday 16 October 2003

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John Peel played a track by The Caretaker earlier this evening. It’s good stuff and you can download some MP3s from his album. All legal like.

The tracks are very, very slow, heavy on the surface noise. In fact you should probably give Each Today Doesn’t Lead to a Tomorrow a miss if you’re after a tune. Or rhythm. Or anything pretty much, as it’s just a single noise, like the background hum of a dangerously computer-controlled building from an old movie.

If you want to try just one, go for Cloudy, Since You Went Away, the ghosts of a crooner and his band, still smiling and performing to a long-abandoned dancehall. Friends Past Re-united is a forgotten choir, fading in and out on the breeze blowing through their ruined chapel. A Stairway to the Stars drifts back through layers of salty seaside time to find a wurlitzer still playing, hoping that one day, some day, holidaymakers will return. You get the idea.

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