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Monday 6 October 2003

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While on the one hand yes — many people seem to have started these in the past year, alongside their lengthier weblogs - on the other hand no. For me the whole idea seems to hark back to (one of) the grandfather(s) of weblogging, Jorn Barger. Way back in the relatively misty past his Robot Wisdom began with the long list of links seen today, followed by a more discursive section. It seems to me that many of us are only now realising the, ah, wisdom of his combination from years ago. Here’s an example from 2000. He had the linklog sections before then, but appears not to have archived them. Eventually he dropped the chatter altogether, which some weblog critics may see as a hopeful sign in general…


gotta have the chatter. its what makes it worthwhile.

Posted by wes on 7 October 2003, 3:23 pm | Link

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Weblogs are an interesting topic -but it's so easy to get caught up in reading them, instead of writing about them... I'll have to consider all of this as valuable link and source gathering. href="
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