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Sunday 26 October 2003

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Last week I got round to syncing my Palm Vx, my Sony Ericsson T610 and iCal for the first time. Apart from a few oddities in the first couple of syncs it seems to have settled down a bit and, amazingly, all works (although there seems no way to sync only outstanding To Do items with the phone, resulting in its 80 slots filling up with old and “done” tasks — useless).

However, now winter’s arrived I’ve noticed a little problem. This morning I went to set the T610 to cope with the end of British Summer Time. I went to Settings > Time and date > Advanced > Daylight-saving, and selected “Wintertime”. The time went back an hour and all was well.

Until I looked at the calendar. All the appointments had shifted forward an hour. The 12.41pm train from Bournemouth to London was now marked as leaving at 1.41pm. Once back home I synced everything. Twice. No effect. I switched the phone back to British Summer Time. No effect. So I’m stumped. The Palm and iCal both still list the correct times, thankfully. If I create a new appointment in iCal it gets transferred to the phone OK — only events created previously seem affected.

I assume the T610’s calendar is supposed to be useful for the entire year, rather than giving up during winter. Has anyone else had the same problem?


Yep. Curses.

Posted by Tom on 26 October 2003, 7:12 pm | Link

Yeah, happened to me, too. So I changed the time to "wintertime", went into "advanced" in the T610's calendar, deleted everything, and tried synching again.

Which deleted everything from the calendar on my Mac.

So I did a "revert to last Sync" in iSync and now everything's hunky-dory - my phone knows it's winter and all the appointments are at the right time.

Doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

Posted by Dan Hon on 26 October 2003, 7:41 pm | Link

Yeah I had the same thing - thanks for the advice Dan, that sorted it out. (Although now all appointments from before Sunday are an hour earlier than they should be in the T610... but this is definitely the lesser of two evils)

Posted by Adam on 26 October 2003, 7:51 pm | Link

Found sometihng. iSync has a 'reset device' option, that wil overwrite everytihng on one device with the information on the computer. This fixed things for me.

Posted by Tom on 4 November 2003, 9:30 am | Link

Unfortunately this resets all devices, and I don't want to risk losing everything on my Palm too.

Posted by Phil Gyford on 11 November 2003, 7:31 pm | Link

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