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Monday 20 October 2003

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I’ve been tidying up my mailing list subscriptions, unsubscribing from those I never get round to reading, and catching up on those I want to read. One of the latter is Geowanking, and rather than litter the linklog with stuff, here’s a few of the most interesting things in my whizz through two months’ worth of emails:

  • GeoWiki. When memes collide. For combining location-oriented data (addresses, latitude/longitude) with other wiki information.
  • A different Geowiki (no idea if there’s any relation…). Maps of a few bits of UK cities, generated by people walking around with GPS units (which I so want to try). With details added and edited by users. Fantastic idea, although the interface is a bit clever-clever (and hence too clunky) for me.
  • OpenGuides. Another wiki-based UK city guide. No map, but with RDF files, in order to make it more open. The site looks a bit geeky for the layperson, but then you could use its RDF feeds to do something nicerer!
  • WorldKit. Lets you overlay geographical data from your own RSS on a Flash-based clickable map of the world.
  • Allen Smith logged the location of his mobile every two minutes for a few months. Plotted here and in more detail but with errors more noticeable. Someone around New York did the same thing.
  • The “real” London Underground map. I think I’ve seen this before, but it’s still nice. A Flash animation, morphing the conventional tube map into it’s real geographical form.

All old news to those on the real cutting geolocational edge I’m sure. Keeping up with memes can be such a struggle at times.


Cheers.Thanks for that. Spotted this in a Guardian leader today:
"(not driving on motorways) is difficult .... (because of) the modern, signposted world's increasing "map-blindness," which would have appalled the likes of Walter Raleigh or Francis Drake.",3604,1066616,00.html

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