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Links tagged with “via:stellar”

  1. threadbase - T-shirts Unravelled

    Great analysis of hundreds of US T-shirts to see how they vary in size. (via Stellar)

  2. Ask Culture and Guess Culture

    I’ve a feeling I’ve read something like this before, but it’s still good. On why some people are comfortable asking for things they might not get, while others find this rude and awkward. (via Stellar)

  3. Jared Spool’s answer to What is the current market hourly rate (contract) for a great designer who can design (visual/ux/product) and develop award-winning user interfaces? - Quora

    “…you’re looking for someone who is such an outlier in the industry that you’ll pay whatever rate they demand.” (via Stellar)

  4. ntlk’s blog: Chrome obfuscates the URLs, Google benefits

    More good words on why a Google Chrome hiding URLs is bad. “Removing the URLs from the browser is an attempt to expand and consolidate centralised power.” (via Stellar)

  5. Citybound - The Beginning

    SimCity-style game, in progress, being written in JavaScript and WebGL. Looks big, interesting, promising. (via Stellar)

  6. Frank Chimero × Blog × Homesteading 2014

    “In light of the noisy, fragmented internet, I want a unified place for myself—the internet version of a quiet, cluttered cottage in the country.” Exactly how I’ve seen my site, which is in need of renovation. Maybe 2014. (via Stellar)

  7. How Netflix Reinvented HR - Harvard Business Review

    Interesting HR stuff that Netflix does differently: no set amounts of holiday, no rigid expenses policies (only “do what’s best for Netflix”), no bonuses, no vesting periods, etc. ie, being adult and sensible. (via Stellar)

  8. Eigengrau - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ‘Eigengrau (German: “intrinsic gray”), also called Eigenlicht (“intrinsic light”), dark light, or brain gray, is the color seen by the eye in perfect darkness.’ #16161D. (via Stellar)

  9. - Why I wear the same thing every day, and what I wear.

    Great stuff. And yet I still found myself thinking “this is so complicated!” (via Stellar)

  10. ifttt / Log tweets to a Dropbox file

    Nice idea for making a backup of your tweets and @replies. (via Stellar)

  11. BBC News - A Point of View: The revolution of capitalism

    John Gray on how capitalism is destroying the bourgeoisie, and how Marx was right about the evils of capitalism, but wrong about communism being the solution. (via Stellar)

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